Rent to own vehicle is targeted at individuals that can`t get finance or a loan to purchase a vehicle of choice. This is an option given to a client who wants to own a Vehicle and can rent the vehicle taking ownership at the end of rental term.

With the banks and finance institutions it`s basically impossible therefore as GENERAL MOTORS (PTY) LTD, we have come up with this option so u can purchase a vehicle of your choice, so yes you surely can.

It would be a client`s responsibility to have comprehensive insurance cover on the vehicle.

No, there`s No limitation on kilo meters travelled, on any vehicle.

Yes you may however you would have to rent for 6 months before going on a rent to own agreement.

If the vehicle that`s on the agreement does not carry a motor plan then the client will pay for the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle.

Payments are made via debit order.

Yes there`s a deposit required on every vehicle.

The Deposits goes towards any arrears instalments on the vehicle/Compensation to Owner or Dealership/ Delivery fees /Broker`s commission and contract fees. The Deposits might change at any time, so check back regularly.

No, there`s no Delivery/Registration charges. This is our responsibility not yours.

No, the vehicles that are on this website are the only ones available.

These vehicles are bought from Bank Finance Auctions, Trade in s or Private seller deals.

  • Copy of ID/Passport document
  • Copy of Drivers Licence
  • Proof of Residence not older than 3 months
  • Recent Salary Advise( Payslip)
  • 3 Months Bank Statement.

Documents can be faxed or E-mailed. We will revert back to you within 24 hrs on whether your application has been approved and what vehicle you qualify for.

After receiving confirmation of the application being approved, we will need you to pay a deposit required on the vehicle. We will then prepare a vehicle for you. This will take 4 working days to put the vehicle through all the mechanical and vehicle checks as well as fitting tracking system.

Yes, we do offer vehicle upgrades options for the duration of your existing contract.

We offer tailor made repayments options. You can choose a payment options from 0 months to 56 months.

Yes we offer this option so u can end your payment term early.

On Rent -to-Own, you are paying off a term on a vehicle, and Ownership will only be registered into your name at the end of that term.

No, No Residuals No Balloon Payments, No hidden costs.No hidden costs